Why Khrushchev famously wielded a shoe at the UN

Professor Ludmilla Selezneva on the incident at the UN Assembly where Nikita Khrushchev, a leader of the Soviet Union, waved his shoe.

  • Speculation around ‘the incident’.
  • What really happened at the meeting and why the Soviet leader was so angry
  • The Political agenda of 1960: Decolonization and the Hungarian revolt
  • How Khrushchev’s shoe came to be on his desk
  • Khrushchev and his ‘peaceful coexistence’ policy

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Thank you for this wonderful lecture. It is wonderful to hear Ludmilla again!!



Thank you for the many evenings of conversation. Always a pleasure.



There is one thing one can’t deny – Khrushchev had a charisma!

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