How modern Russians see the revolutionary leader, Vladimir Lenin

In this episode Ludmila Selezneva speaks on what modern Russians think of Vladimir Lenin, the first Soviet leader, Bolshevik and revolutionary.

  • Lenin’s image as the “father” of the Soviet Union
  • Why his statues are still commonplace in Russia
  • Lenin’s views on relation between people and state
  • Why Russia preserves Soviet monuments
  • How modern Russians see Lenin and the Soviet legacy

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Prof. Ludmilla always gives insight on modern Russia and the connections to the Soviet past. She explains the contradiction of more liberal political policies and the respect for Lenin and his teachings.



Thank you for the insights. It would seem that as much as we speak our minds in the West, that we are the same.



Spanish philosopher George Santayana wrote: “Those who cannot remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes”. Russians know very well that erasing history is dangerous and they don’t repeat mistakes the bolsheviks made.

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