Where Russians came from

In this first video Professor Ludmilla Selezneva speaks about the origins of the Russian people, their heritage and the history of the Volga River region.

  • The Slavic people and the origins of modern Russians
  • “Vikings to Greeks”. The Volga trade route that forged a Russian state
  • ‘Kievan Rus’ the ancient cultural power-house
  • Why Russia, Belarus & Ukraine are sibling nations
  • Explained: the Russian people and how they came to be

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I found the talk very instructive and I look forward to visiting Russia next year.



My wife and I enjoyed listening Ludmilla’s lectures on the Volga Dream last summer. I must say – it is such a great idea to see them organized as a video blog now!



Brava !! We just watched your talks on Raisa Gorbacheva, on Khruschev and the famous shoe and on the Russian sense of humour. We will watch more tomorrow!

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