What does “Kremlin” really mean?

Professor Ludmilla Selezneva speaks on what is Kremlin and how it came to be.

  • What Kremlin really means 
  • How the Kremlin was built
  • How Russia’s many Kremlins helped defend cities against invaders
  • The Kremlin in Mongol times
  • The famous Kremlin’s modern role as a tourist attraction

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Hi Ludmila. I hope you are well. Your lectures (and your company) were the highlight of our trip on Volga Dream in October 2018. It not only made our trip so much more enjoyable but we left with a much better insight into Russian history, Art, and culture, which for me is the main reason for traveling. It is so nice to be able to continue to learn and enjoy your company from our home confinements. Stay well!



Thanks for your informative lecture once again. I really enjoyed your book too. Thanks so much for sharing.



I was on the Volga Dream Cruise in October 2018. What a fantastic experience, enhanced greatly by your lectures, Prof Ludmilla, and the many chats we had with you around the dinner table. The Kremlin in Moscow, and the many other kremlins, were fascinating!




Dear Wilfred! I am so glad to hear your high comments on the Volga Dream cruise. It was my pleasure to be part of that great venue and to share what I learn every day about Russia, its history and culture and to be enriched myself by talks with you and other people. I miss lecturing on Volga Dream terribly this year, but I am so glad that Volga Dream gave me the chance to continue this job through website and to cover several important topics which there is no time to speak about as cruises are full by different interesting activities.



I enjoyed this talk very much too and look forward to more.



Ludmilla, these are amazing! Very well done!!!



I booked on a Volga Dream cruise for August 2021. Look forward to visiting your country and to seeing the Kremlin of Moscow!

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