The Hermitage and Winter Palace – the amazing back-stories

Professor Ludmila Selezneva on what is the Hermitage and what is the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

  • Introducing the Hermitage and Winter Palace
  • The Grand Palace, its instigators, builders, and architects
  • The Winter Palace as a Romanov residence
  • The Hermitage and the Bolsheviks
  • How the Hermitage became home one of the world’s greatest art collections

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Dear Ludmilla,
It is already more than a year that we were on the Volga Dream. Time
flies. Your inspiring talks have made me wish to read more about the
great Patriotic War from the Russian perspective. Would you please
recommend some books I could read.




Dear Patricie! I am so glad to hear your high comments on the Volga Dream cruise!

Here are some books on history of the Great Patriotic War:

1.Stalingrad by Antony Beevor

2. Life and Fate by Vasiliy Grossman

3.The book of blokade by Daniil Granin and Ales Adamovich

4.Fate of a human being by Michael Sholokhov

5. Sotnikov by Vasily Bykov



Thank you Ludmila for the video. My husband and I were on a Volga Dream cruise last year and enjoyed both your lectures and book very much. We hope one day to return to your beautiful country and see and learn more about Russia. We hope you are keeping well and safe from Covid 19.  Warm regards.

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