The Soviet peoples’ unique sense of humor

In this episode Ludmila Selezneva speaks about the Soviet peoples’ unique sense of humor.

  • How communism shaped the public sense of humor
  • The role of humor in the Second World War
  • “Kitchen democracy” explained
  • Jokes about the Communist party and life in the Soviet Union
  • How satirical humor changed after Gorbachev

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Always a pleasure to listen to listen to Ludmila
Warm wishes Ludmila



Thanks a lot, I miss your lectures Ludmilla.



Loving your lecture series, thank you. Cannot wait until we can join you on the Volga Dream. Regards.



Thank you for the insights. It would seem that as much as we speak our minds in the West, that we are the same.



Dearest Ludmilla,

What a wonderful video clip!! It is the perfect gift for us!! It brings back so many wonderful memories. Again we are looking forward to the time when we can sit in your warm presence and hear about all your new adventures and insights into Russia and the current global situation…We’ll keep you updated throughout the year.

Cheers and our love to you.

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