What made Peter the Great… great?

Today we continue our journey in Russian history with a note on Peter The Great  an emperor who ruled Russia from 1682 to 1725.

  • ·What makes Peter the Great a ‘stand out’ Russian leader?
  • · His time studying in Europe
  • · Grand reforms and industrialization
  • · St. Petersburg – The ‘great’, eponymous city
  • · Peter the Great. What made him… ‘great’?

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Thank you for the insights. True leaders seek to improve the lot of those governed. Many of those who are governed do not desire change as it changes the status quo making for their mental discomfort. What a dull place the world would be without change. As much as we speak our minds in the West, we are all the same.

Hope V


Always a pleasure and learning experience.
Miss your charming conversation at dinner



The video lectures were marvellous. Ludmilla is a lecturer who holds you completely spellbound, from start to finish. Much thanks to her and to you.

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