Russo-American relations through the ages

Ludmila Selezneva on the history of relations between Russia and the United States of America.

  • Before 1776: the Russian Empire and British colonies
  • Trade and diplomatic relations between Russia and the young American republic
  • Why Alexander II sold Alaska to the United States
  • Lend-Lease and the WW2 Alliance
  • Cooperation in space

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Dan Ilves


Little known fact is that John Paul Jones served in the Russian navy under Catherine the Great, but was expelled by her when he was accused of sexual promiscuity with one of her staff.



I had a such good cruise on the Volga dream ! I will remember for ever and I enjoy your videos. It is like the cruise still continues. Hope you cope with Covid-19. Take care. Thank you .

Daniel T.


Nice to remember that the countries actually used to get along with each other for most of history. I wish our politicians worked more on restoring good relations between our nations!

Lionel A. 


It is a fascinating fact which almost none is aware of in the West – Russia abolished serfdom 4 years before US stopped slavery. Thanks for the video, Ludmila.

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