How Mikhail Gorbachev transformed Modern Russia

In this video Professor Ludmilla Selezneva goes on with stories on Russia and the Soviet Union. Today she speaks about Mikhail Gorbachev, the last and the only President of the Soviet Union.

  • Did Gorbachev really want the Soviet Union to collapse?
  • Transforming the Soviet political system, how it worked
  • Gorbachev’s role in ending the Cold War and German reunification
  • What “Perestroika” and “Glasnost” really mean
  • Gorbachev: a symbol of the new Russia

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Thanks for your informative lecture once again. Thanks for sharing about Gorbachev. I had already forgotten how important he was in Russian history.



Here in Germany the name of M. Gorbachev can’t be overestimated! Thank you for the video.



We so appreciated your lectures on the Volga Dream and on
the Internet – you continue to educate us and keep our marvellous
memories of Russia alive in our hearts.

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