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There is no river cruise in Russia like the Volga river cruise. No cruise that places you so completely in another place and time. Europe's longest and largest river stretches from Ivan the Terrible to Peter the Great to Catherine the Great, and on into today, where live along Russia's central artery looks very much like it always has — the churches, the villages, the people, comprising scenes from an old painting you may swear you have seen in a gallery.This Russian river tour will promise you an unforgettable afterglow you've never experienced with any other Moscow river cruise before.

When it comes to luxury river cruises in Russia, the VOLGA DREAM offers an unprecedented level of luxury, as well as the finest accommodation, delicious food, best service and care in the industry. The advent of the boutique VOLGA DREAM reveals the tsarist-era luxury and provides superior service, installing the ship as the class of the waterway. With 60 crewmembers and a capacity for just over 100 passengers, the ship has the lowest passenger-to-crew ratio among Russian river cruise ships. With so few guests amid the ship's spacious arrangement, it feels like sailing aboard a private yacht. You'll find no hassle disembarking at the various ports of call, no delays at mealtime. Our trip is mostly suitable and recommended for those, who appreciate serene atmosphere to reinvigorate inner resources and emotional state. The visitors, who feel vim and vigor for new adventures, enjoying the Russian river cruises with us, will also be pleasantly surprised.

Russia's first luxury river cruise ship, featuring the latest technology and superior service, the 314-foot VOLGA DREAM offers what no other Russian cruises can: cosmopolitan comfort amid the greater rural envisions. Being all about personal approach, the Volga Dream cruise in Russia offers the most exquisite experiences as you explore the hauntingly beautiful regions of this enigmatic country. We are honored to host you with all we prepared for your worthy time leisure. We sincerely hope that our home-felt reception will meet your expectations.

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